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I have exploded my mind On the tender interwoven fibers of my paper. That absorb my emotions- as if though My soul is an endless well of water. I have saved a life, maybe it is mine- By moving a burden from my heart- The burden of living life. Words intertwine like bare branches on… Continue reading Merciless


The Weird-Word Challenge

This is my own created simple word/blogging challenge. Listed below are twelve words, each to be considered a prompt. (Quite weird words!) Write a blog post in the form of an essay, poem, story, or even a few words each day, inspired by the day's word. It can even be an emotion awakened by the… Continue reading The Weird-Word Challenge

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Definition of “Writing”

Writing is standing up for the world, whether good or bad, Writing is talking, even if you're shy, Writing is feeling, what most people don't, Writing is understanding yourself, like no one else. Writing is being aware of what's going on, Writing is sharing your emotions, Writing is saying what you can't find words to… Continue reading Definition of “Writing”