I have exploded my mind
On the tender interwoven fibers of my paper.
That absorb my emotions- as if though
My soul is an endless well of water.
I have saved a life, maybe it is mine-
By moving a burden from my heart-
The burden of living life.
Words intertwine
like bare branches on a windy day
And horses gallop through the landscape
like thunder- and the trees feel lightening.

I have shared my happiness
With the paper as my friend.
Every moment that defines me
has been recorded in this memoir.
Illegibly, maybe- but understandably.
My ups and down, what if I fail?
That is every human’s
greatest fear. But you have to learn
to get over it. I will fall
otherwise I can’t get up. My head in the
highest clouds. I have entered
an infinity. Feels uplifting.

I have reached a crossroad. Where my vehicle
stops with a start. Revving up the engine
is fruitless. I am stuck. Stuck in the middle of
blaring horns, of some mediocre phase of life
that I came upon by chance.
I am stuck. Stuck, in the arms of another
who never understood me. I am stuck.
Stuck in the anger brought on by unfairness.
Sometimes it feels like I’m
deceiving myself. Telling myself lies
to believe I am the best.
But does it matter? That those lies I tell
they turn into truths
because they make me happy, after all.
Anytime soon,
The truth does not seem pacifying.

I have seen what it’s like.
To be left alone, excluded.
Be the ‘new kid’ at school.
So I confide in words. I write
to feel what it is like, to live
without fear. A tiny tear
drops down, a small damp spot
on my floral-patterned dress.
the one my grandmother sewed
staring out the window at pouring rain.
And so I put pen to paper
The pen is my weapon
to diminish my enemies, rescue my allies
and restore the gift of living life.
Around me I hear crying, but I am smiling.


The Weird-Word Challenge

This is my own created simple word/blogging challenge. Listed below are twelve words, each to be considered a prompt. (Quite weird words!) Write a blog post in the form of an essay, poem, story, or even a few words each day, inspired by the day’s word. It can even be an emotion awakened by the word, or your first thought about the word.

Day 1- “Fingers”.


Day 2- “Ice-cream”.


Day 3- “Hair”.


Day 4- “Clock”.


Day 5- “Butterflies”.


Day 6- “Pillows”.


Day 7- “Candy”.


Day 8- “Eyes”.


Day 9- “Mountains/hills”.


Day 10- “Colors”.


Day 11- “Jewellery”.


Day 12- “World”.


Rules Of The Challenge-

  1. Write a post in any form based on each day’s prompting word.

  2. Provide a link to this post, so that others can take this challenge too.

  3. Attaching an image to each of the posts is a must.

  4. Tag you posts to “The Weird-Word Challenge.”

  5. Add a line at the end of each post saying why you like or dislike this word.

Photo Credit: None of the photographs in this post are mine. All are uploaded from Google Images.

Enjoy the challenge!

Between you and me

Hand on a trembling heart,

Wonder where I’ll be,

And if one is to say what,

Is ever our destiny,

And when we see what awaits us,

Do we think ’bout what we want,

And when you guide me through the dark,

Do you really know me,

And when you pass me by,

Do you never think of meeting my eyes,

Which are filled with worthless wait,

Never-ending, crying,

Hoping to still catch a last glimpse,

How could you not remember me,

How could you pass me by,

How could you leave me to shiver,

Even after warming my hand?

There’s magic in your eyes that I,

Forever crave to witness,

There’s love in your heart that I,

Forever crave to win,

There’s a place in your mind,

Where I hope to be placed.

Definition of “Writing”

Writing is standing up for the world, whether good or bad,

Writing is talking, even if you’re shy,

Writing is feeling, what most people don’t,

Writing is understanding yourself, like no one else.

Writing is being aware of what’s going on,

Writing is sharing your emotions,

Writing is saying what you can’t find words to express,

Writing is leading a life you never thought was possible.